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Welcome to the ALT F FOUR Guild web site. If you are a member of ALT F FOUR please click the join ALT F Four Button and that will grant you access to the website so you will be able to keep up on what is going on in the guild. you will be able to view the forum and see guild members professions, request items, view pictures, view the guild bank and much more....

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Hallow's End Holiday Boss and more

alt-f-four, Oct 10, 10 4:22 PM.
Monday Oct. 18, 2010 Hallow's End Holiday begins. This is a great opportunity to get alot of XP and some great holiday gear. The Headless Horseman boss is alot of fun. but you have to be level 80 to get the quest. here is a link to the loot from the headless horseman boss.

The Next Part of the Hallow's End Holiday is the trick or treating.this is for all levels and where you get alot of XP. you go around to all the inn keepers in all the towns and they give you treats and XP. here is a link to the information on all the fun for Hallow's End.'s_End

hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

alt-f-four, Oct 3, 10 12:23 PM.
Guild website is Live please apply for member access to see all the great stuff this website has to offer

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